Breasts: The Owner’s Manual by Dr. Kristi Funk

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Every Woman’s Guide to Reducing Cancer Risk, Making Treatment Choices, and Optimizing Outcomes!

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer over the course of their lives, and breast cancer is the #1 killer of women ages 20-59. But did you know that only 13% of those diagnosed have a single first degree relative with breast cancer? For most of us, family history and genetics do not determine who gets breast cancer—we do!

The bestseller from breast cancer surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk takes the broader conversation about total breast health to women everywhere with this straight-talking guide. You have power over this disease, and Dr. Funk explains why and how to use it!

Available in 10 languages and over 30 countries, Dr Funk’s mission is to educate as many women as possible about what they can do to stop breast cancer before it starts.

Foreword by Sheryl Crow
USA National Bestseller


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Eneida P.
Breast the owners manuel

Hi, this book was a hift ro my deR friend, who is battling stage 4 breast cancer, is really helping her cope wirh her healrh n is getting her strengrh n guidance one day at a time, thank you so much, is an encouraged to all those who fight this cancer, one day at a rime

Maurene M.
Just what I was looking for!

As soon as I saw Dr. Kristi Funk on a show and watched her YouTube videos i knew I had to have this book and so glad I did. Jam packed with so much information whether you are on a cancer healing journey (that is me) or want to do whatever you can to prevent it. A must have!!!

Veronique D.

Not only is Dr. Funk a brilliant doctor but she is also a brilliant surgeon! Her knowledge goes above and beyond anyone else I have ever met in the medical field. This book gives so much information whether you had breast cancer, have breast cancer or had breast cancer. I bought two of Dr.Funks books so I could give one to my girlfriend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I am a survivor of breast cancer and it is only because of Dr. Funk that I I am cancer free and I live a beautiful life!!!! Thank you Dr. Funk 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

All inclusive

Many books written by doctors are thinly veiled self promotions. NOT this one! Dr. Funk addresses every issue and empowers women who would otherwise suffer the fearful consequenses of naivete. Everything is covered so thoughtfully and empathetically that the message is clear. Everyone should read this book.

Chrissy R.
Book Is a True Lifesaver!

If you are a woman, or love a woman (women), please read this book ASAP! Too many write breast cancer off to bad luck... This book explains in a captivating way, the fact that there is so much we can do to help prevent getting this disease. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is THE guide to educate us in all we can do to prevent the most commonly diagnosed cancer. In disease proofing ourselves as best we can against breast cancer, we also prevent so many other leading causes of death, and there is no one more qualified to tell us how to do this than the brilliant Dr Funk! She explains things in such an understandable manner and her use of humor to lighten up a tough subject is perfect and appreciated. Can not recommend any more highly.