Menopause Miracle™ – Fast & Non-Estrogenic Symptom Relief

$59.00 AUD

Menopause Miracle provides fast, natural and non-estrogenic menopause symptom relief for over 90% of women, backed by 3 randomized human studies against placebo. The patented ingredients are safe, plant-based, non-GMO and free of hormones.

  • Provides natural relief from hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, vertigo and more.
  • Initial relief is often achieved within the first month. Over 90% of women show comprehensive relief by the 2nd month of taking the product daily.
  • Estrogen and hormone free. Does not cause weight gain! Ideal for women looking for a safe alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).
  • Works for women who enter menopause naturally (due to age) as well as due to chemo or ovary removal (with or without a hysterectomy).
  • 100% vegan, non-GMO, soy-free and Gluten-free. Free of additives. Does not contain Black Cohosh, which has been linked to liver toxicity.
  • Side benefits: Lessens skin wrinkles, increases skin moisture, improves triglycerides (higher HDL, lower LDL) and elevates bone density.

We are working hard to make Menopause Miracle available directly from our Oceania store. Until we have obtained the proper regulatory registration, please purchase the product from the US-based Elements store instead. Thank you!

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Maria M.
United States United States

It DOES work!

I have been taking Menopause Miracle for about six weeks. Now is when I've noticed nearly complete relief from hot flashes, and from the anxious thoughts that preceded each one. Am also MUCH calmer (I tend to be high strung). The first week of taking MM was an emotional and hot flash rollercoaster. The second week was a bit better, but still had emotions and hot flashes all over the map. I almost stopped taking it. But since I'd read that it can take up to two months for most women to get relief, I decided to stick with it. I am SO GLAD I did! I can't believe how much better I feel! The stress and anxiety are gone, and the hot flashes have decreased to a handful per day. Also, they are much milder. I have a couple more weeks to go, to be at two months. No doubt I'll feel even better by then! (I have the product auto-shipped now, as I decided to do that after noticing the recent amazing results.) Just want to encourage any of you who are discouraged, or thinking it's taking a long time to have satisfactory results, to hang in there! It's totally worth it! You WILL feel better. The relief you will experience is a blessing, and a miracle! I am SO GRATEFUL for this product, and give it a 10 out of 10!

Pink Lotus Oceania Menopause Miracle™ - Fast  Review
Suzanne A.

Finally Something That Works

Within 2 weeks I have gotten relief: 1) no more flashes/sweating when sleeping so I am sleeping much better 2) hot flashes during the day are rare I am so glad I finally found a product that works for me. Thank you so very much!!!

Leslie J. Miller

Works for me!!!

47 years old. Peri menopausal insomnia hit me like a ton of bricks making work MISERABLE. After the first dose, I was back to normal. No joke! Simply put, this product has rescued me from a desperate situation. Thank you!!!!

Rachelle J.

Relief... Finally!

I have been taking Menopause Miracle for about three weeks. As a two year breast cancer survivor, I have chemo induced menopause and I have suffered with every side affect for almost three years. This is the first thing that I have found that truly works AND it all natural! I am not one to take medication with in depth research and am so glad to have found Menopause Miracle that does not contain hormones or hazardous ingredients. Definitely recommend that menopause sufferers give it a try! I give it two thumbs up!!

Pink Lotus Oceania Menopause Miracle™ - Fast  Review
Leah Z.
United States United States

Love this!

I have been taking Menopause Miracle for 3 weeks now and it absolutely works on my hot flashes. These miracle pills have been a life saver for me, especially since the weather is now warmer. I’m so comfortable now even on a warm day.😊 I have not had hot flashes since the 3rd day into starting these. Thank you!!!! Amazing Amazing Amazing!❤️

Pink Lotus Oceania Menopause Miracle™ - Fast  Review