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Scars Reveal What You Have Been Through But Also Where You Are Going!

Being a Stage Three Breast Cancer survivor reveals alot about myself. I still have not finished my surgeries after five years but am confident about the women that I am. So many times we try to hide our scars whether they are on the outside or inside of us. Cancer teaches us to deal with the inside of us, such as our bitterness, hurt, sadness, anger, frustration and insecurity.

I look at my body and see so many scars but yet i am so much more confident in who I truly am as a woman.

The mirror can show us alot about ourselves, but more importantly, it reveals who we are inside and what we need to do to move forward in being who we truly are. Scars can make you move forward or go backward, and I choose to move forward and you can too. You are beautiful just the way you are.

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