One of the most asked questions about Cosmo Companion is how often to take it and whether to only take it when you consume alcohol. It is a great question, and the answer depends a lot on your diet.

What’s the connection between methylfolate and diet?

A lack or low levels of methylfolate is never advisable as methylfolate is needed to form healthy cells, repair DNA and support immune function, your detoxification system, energy production, and more. In simpler terms, it aids significantly in keeping you healthy. Your body creates is own methylfolate naturally by converting folate that you consume as part of your daily meals. Folate is naturally found in foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, and grains. If these foods are part of your daily diet, good job – chances are, you are consuming enough folate to allow your body to produce a sufficient amount of mehtylfolate. In this case, taking Cosmo Companion only on days when you drink will work just fine. Certain diets in the Oceania region are not known for their richness in fruits, vegetables, grains, etc and are therefore likely not a sufficient source of folate. So if you fall into one of those diet bucket, Cosmo Companion should be a daily routine with one tablet taken per day.