There are many ways to get a discount for your order, and which scenario works best will largely depend on you. Here are some of the easiest way to earn discounts:

  • Each time you place an order you receive a set number of Rewards Points. You can use your reward point balance every time you order and apply your earned discount to your order.
  • To take some money off your order, consider purchasing $100 or more for Free Shipping, or see if one of our discounted Auto Ship Subscriptions will work for you.
  • For steeper discounts, you can earn a 40% Off coupon for any successful friend referral you make. Log into your Account Dashboard, click on Refer A Friend and share your personalized the link with your friends via e-mail, text or social media, etc. Any person who makes a purchase with your unique link will earn you a 40% Off coupon code, and there is no limit to how many friends you can refer.
  • Share your purchased product on social media for a chance at winning a $150 store credit during our monthly #LoveElements social contest.
  • Participate in one of our big sales. We have several big holiday sales each year, and often provide our steepest discounts during these sales.
  • If you are a new customer, always feel free to reach out to Customer Service to see if there is a new customer discount available right now that you can take advantage of.