If you have returned a product to us with a prepaid shipping label and packing slip provided by a Customer Service representative, then everything should go smoothly and your refund will be issued within the timeline below. If you sent your order back without talking to Customer Services, and/or you did not use our prepaid shipping label or packing slip, delays will occur as outline at the bottom of this post.

I used a prepaid shipping label and packing slip

Customers who return an order to us with a prepaid shipping label and packing slip generally see their refund issued within 10-15 days after mailing out the return package. Once your return arrives, we will inspect it to make sure that the correct item is included in the package. The protect us from return fraud, we also inspect your returned item to make sure that it is in the condition you described when you communicated with Customer Service. Once the product has cleared this inspection, we will process your refund in accordance with our refund policy.

Delays can occur if the product is not in the condition that was described, or if the payment method you used is no longer valid, which can result in your refund not being accepted by our merchant processor. If your payment information has changed since you placed your original order, please go to your Account Dashboard, update your payment method, and then reach out to Customer Service to let us know that a new payment method has been added. Once we hear from you, we will try to process your refund promptly.

I send my order back but never spoke to Customer Service

Customers will experience delays up to 30 days with their return if they refuse to accept the delivery of their package, send their order back “Return to Sender”, or return their order after having opened their package and/or used the product without using a prepaid shipping label provided by Customer Service. We call such returns “Unidentified Returns”. When we receive an Unidentified Return, we first evaluate the tracking information and match the package to one of our customers to further evaluate whether the return was possibly made in error, or whether it was intentionally returned. If the item returned has been used/worn/opened, we further evaluate whether a refund can be issued based on our return policy. If an item is being returned for which our return policy does not allow a refund, no refund will be issued despite the product having been sent back to us. In most cases like these, Customer Service will likely reach out to you for further information. Unidentified Returns that are eligible for a refund generally receive their refund within 20-30 days after we receive the package at one of our warehouses.