Due to the extensive clinical human studies performed on the ingredient in Menopause Miracle, we have a good understanding of what customers can expect after they start taking the supplement.

The Basics

For some women, Menopause Miracle provides relief as quickly as the 2nd week, and this has been shown repeatedly in human studies. Some customers have reported results within days, but we consider those results to be outliers.

For many women, relief can take longer, frequently well into the 2nd month of taking the product daily. We have also had reports of some women who did not see any relief at all until the 3rd month, but those cases again are outliers and rare.

Relief improves over time

In clinical studies, symptom relief kept on improving over time, meaning that it can take longer to get the maximum benefit of the product. Since every woman is different, this is hard to generalize. However, imagine a customer who suffers from hot flashes, insomnia and joint pain. While she may get symptoms relief from hot flashes in the first month, the other symptoms may take 2 or 3 months. For other customers, it’s possible that the supplement will only address some symptoms, yet for others, we have plenty of customer reports of complete symptom relief across the board. During the initial month, one of the most important aspects of success is that the product is taken daily with a meal, and without skipping any days.

The 10% Category

In clinical human studies, less than 10% of participants felt no relief, while over 90% felt significant relief by the 2nd month. Therefore, it is certainly possible that you fall into the 10% category, which means the product is unlikely to provide any benefit. This is impossible to know, however, unless you have waited until the 2nd, and in some cases, the 3rd month of taking the product daily. We have spoken to many customers over the years who completed their first bottle with no results and had no intention of ordering again. With a somewhat modest price tag, this is quite understandable. Having said that, we have a large number of these customers who did decide to purchase another bottle after speaking to Customer Service, and the feedback is always very consistent: a large number of customers did see results during the second month and were glad they did not give up after the first bottle. Worst case, if you have finished your second bottle and have seen no improvement with your symptoms whatsoever, then unfortunately it is highly likely that you fall into the 10% category.