The answer is not a clear yes or no. Hangover supplements, as gimmicky as they usually are, are largely designed as quick fix solutions to make you feel “less bad” after excessive alcohol consumption. They are generally not very effective to begin with, and what they definitely don’t do is address the actual health implications of alcohol consumption.

The goal of our Cosmo Companion formulation is to help mitigate the negative health effects of alcohol and to support cellular health and correct regeneration, which is something that happens inside your body without you ever noticing it. The powerhouse list of ingredients in the product do limit alcohol induced nutrient deficiency, support liver function and detoxification and also support alcohol metabolism and glucose stability. So from a hangover perspective, this means that you may see slight improvements compared to not taking the product. Having said that, if you drank so much the night before that you are actually experiencing a serious hangover, you will experience it one way or another. Cosmo Companion still provides all of its health benefits, but you should not expect to feel significantly better as a result.

The supplement’s biggest benefit is therefore that it pushes back against the negative effects of alcohol consumption to support your overall health and wellbeing. If your primary concern is how you feel the day after excessive drinking, Cosmo Companion is probably not the best fit for you. If you enjoy drinking alcohol and don’t foresee stopping in the near future, but you also want to minimize any potential damage to your health, then Cosmo Companion is the best possible supplement to accomplish that goal.